Prism Care Corporation, a 100% Canadian owned company was founded in April 1999 with the mission: To benefit people and the Environment. Our mission is very simplistic, but it’s impact over the years has been profound. Back in 1999, under our Prism Environmental brand, we were one of only a handful of companies marketing EcoLogo certified cleaning products. In our own humble way, we set out to replace hazardous and toxic cleaning products in commercial facilities, one building at a time.

Over the next several years, we worked tirelessly, researching the best natural, plant based, sustainable raw materials and utilizing them in countless formulations to test their effectiveness. We listened intently to suggestions from all corners of our industry, particularly the cleaning staff of both large and small cleaning companies. It was important for us to work with and learn from these hard working people, many of which were exposed to toxic chemicals every day while doing their job. We did learn a lot and we set out on a mission to develop the best performing natural, non-toxic products on the market. This is how Eco-Max was born.

Eco-Max products are now used widely across Canada in major banks, federal and provincial government buildings, nursing homes, office and industrial buildings, day care centres, spas, hotels and casinos, airports, and the list goes on. Many people who suffer from environmental illnesses in these buildings can breathe easier because of Eco-Max products (read about how: 'Bee-Clean saves the day with Eco-Max', found in Environment Canada's EcoBuyer newsletter).

We are immensely grateful to all the distributors, building service contractors, decision makers and safety committees at all levels of government and in corporations across Canada for supporting our cause in making the concept of “Cleaning for Health & the Environment” a reality in many buildings across the nation.

Due to an overwhelming response for our Eco-Max commercial line of products, we excitedly introduced Eco-Max for consumers in 2006. These products are now available in fine health food stores, organic markets and retailers across the country.