Frequently Asked Questions

We’re asked a lot of good questions and we love answering them! We’ve compiled a short list of what we found to be the most asked questions and hopefully it will answer any you might have about Eco-Max. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please, feel free to ask us!

Certainly a good question and one we’re glad to answer. If you’ll bear with us, there’s much for you to know!

Eco-Max is truly Green. We strictly formulate our products with 100% plant based ingredients derived from renewable and sustainable resources. As a result, our cleaners are safe to use and have an extremely low impact on our environment. For example, our Hypoallergenic Glass Cleaner is less toxic than vinegar!

Odour is a common problem in many cleaning situations. With this in mind, we’ve formulated many of our products to include 100% therapeutic grade essential oils so that you’re empowered with a natural tool to deal with pesky odours, all while receiving the aroma therapeutic benefits from the essential oils themselves. We will never incorporate synthetic fragrances in our cleaners and, for sensitive individuals, we’ve created hypoallergenic, scent free formulations of our common household cleaners.

Our cleaners are EcoLogoTM certified by Environment Canada, but we don’t stop there. Third party testing has revealed that Eco-MaxTM Green cleaners far exceed the requirements laid out for EcoLogoTM certification. We’re happy to show you these results, which is why on every product page, you can find them in the ‘learn more’ section.

By choosing Eco-Max, you will be using a leading Green cleaner that is both safe to use and safe for the environment.

Yes, we have a wide variety of cleaners that meet and exceed EcoLogoTM certification requirements. We do have a small selection of non-certified cleaners, simply because no category exists in the EcoLogoTM program for these unique products.

Yes, we are. We’re a completely Canadian owned and family operated company and we’re very much thankful to Canadians nationwide for their continual support over the years. Thank you!

Yes! Our office and manufacturing facility is powered by 100% Green electricity from Bullfrog Power. We are always trying to think of new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Yes, they are. Eco-Max consumer cleaners are available across the U.S. via

Yes, you can. You may visit our store by clicking here. We offer free shipping across Canada on orders of $50 or more. Get your friends together and save!

Yes, all our products are developed and manufactured in our own facilities in Canada. We believe in offering the highest quality Green cleaners, which is why we strive to keep a close eye on our manufacturing processes and continue to develop our own formulations.

Nope, not a drop. We only use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils which naturally provide aroma therapeutic benefits.

No, we definitely do not. We love animals just as much as you do!

Most certainly, yes! Our primary focus over the last 11 years has been developing environmentally friendly cleaners specifically for commercial and institutional use. In fact, many notable organizations across Canada (Environment Canada, Canada Post, Bell Mobility, Telus, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank and more) use Eco-Max to clean their facilities daily.

Visit for our full range of concentrated and ready to use Eco-Max commercial cleaners. They are available in a variety of sizes from 4L jugs to 1000L totes.

Hey, that’s not a question! We’re always open to new opportunities. Feel free to contact us with your proposal by clicking here.

Yes, this is completely normal. While we make every effort to maintain a consistent look across our cleaners, some of our Laundry Washes may differ in colour due to particular ingredients found in each bottle or jug.

Additionally, some of the botanical ingredients used in our Laundry Washes naturally change colour from a clear, water like appearance to a clear, straw-like colour over time. Not to worry, though! This change is purely cosmetic and will not affect the performance of the product.

Our cleaners are available in health food stores and organic markets across Canada. You may use our retailer locator to find a store nearest you.
You may also purchase on-line, directly from us via our store (Canadian residents only) or from one of the fine retailers listed here.

We are proudly, 100% Canadian owned and operated. All our products are manufactured in Canada. Learn More
Our office and manufacturing facility are bullfrogpoweredTM with 100% green electricity. Learn More
We offer a wide selection of EcologoTM Certified products, Canada's leading environmental certification program. Learn More
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